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 Testimony Guidelines

Legislative Committee Notes:

Goals for the MNPA legislative committee for 2019-2020:


!. Promote more participation in the committee & representation of the membership by sending an email via the listserve for members to join after a brief description of what we do, little effort required, & how important it is by 9/30/19 (consider postcard to those without email)


2. Encourage activity & attendance of committee meetings by sending out a survey monkey for meeting times & welcome members who signed up at the conference, last year’s members, & those interested from the listserve (10/2019).  A couple of days before each meeting we will send out a reminder /agenda.


3. Keep monthly meeting minutes including bills that we testify on so that we can use for a monthly board report and summarize for an annual report to the membership at the spring conference. This will also help with collaboration with the other board members for a united MNPA position for bills.


4. Send out short updates monthly on the listserve about what the committee is doing and how it affects NPs &  patients as well as put on the website monthly.


5. Ask membership by 9/30/19 and board at the retreat in September 2019 if any issues would like addressed by submitting a bill at the retreat and listserve via the same email in September.


6. Provide an educational opportunity about legislative issues & how to be involved through a talk at the spring conference or as a webinar via the MNPA website (ask AANP & Valerie if any speaker available or canned webinars).


7. Promote collaboration by contacting state and federal legislators to let them know about us by 9/30/19.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Forti-Gallant & Colin McCabe

Co-chairs MNPA legislative committee